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Business Savings

Businesses of all sizes can capitalize on the nation's top interest rates through a money market account.

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Open a Business Money Market Account

Money market accounts are for businesses at all levels that want to use their earnings for growth. Open a money market account to set funds away for the future. If you need to pull money out early, you can access your funds at any time with zero risk.

$10 per month


Minimum opening balance $2,500

Monthly service charge $10

Minimum average monthly balance to avoid service charge $10,000


(Keep in mind: There are government-established transaction limits on all money market accounts—as well as charges exceeding these limits. Understanding your account helps you avoid additional charges.)

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Our Money Market Accounts for Your Business

At Midland States Bank, we connect businesses of all sizes with commercial money market opportunities. Open an account to benefit from:

  • Excellent rates: Grow your funds faster with a higher interest rate than many other savings options.
  • Convenient access: Make withdrawals at any time to purchase assets for your business.
  • Low fees: Pay as little as $10 a month - or avoid the fee and boost your earning potential by keeping a $10,000 average monthly balance.
  • Variable growth: Take advantage of the market's fluctuations to maximize your growth.
  • Secure deposits: Bank with a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).
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Interest Rates That Keep Your Money Growing

Open a commercial money market account with Midland States Bank to earn high interest on your deposit. We'll keep your money in a secure account that you can access whenever you need to. All it takes to start turning today's revenue into long-term financial growth is a $2,500 deposit.

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Why Midland States Bank?

Here's why Midland States Bank is the best choice for business money market accounts in Illinois, Missouri and beyond:

  • Numerous services: Balance your money market account with our premier checking, lending and savings services.
  • Experienced advisors: Discuss your business's financial future with experts who know your industry and neighborhood.
  • Convenient tools: Monitor and manage your money market account through online and mobile services that integrate with your company's technology.
  • Minimal fees: Pay as little as $10 a month for your money market account or waive your fee by keeping a $10,000 monthly balance.
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